Warfare & Lodge Hill Cemetery

Lodge Hill Cemetery has its own First World War memorial where victims of the war who died at the Southern Cross Hospital (located at the University of Birmingham’s campus at Edgbaston) are buried. In June 2014 Paganel Primary School visited Lodge Hill Cemetery to commemorate the start of World war 1, one hundred years earlier (August 28th 1914).

For the last two years we have continued our interest in the World War One graves at Lodge Hill Cemetery - it contains 498 First World War burials, most of them in a war graves plot in Section B10. For our Untold stories project, funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund First World War Then and Now grant, we focused on the untold stories of soldiers returning to Birmingham from the Great War with serious physical and psychological injuries

Most recently we have visited the graves to explore the Battle of the Somme and it's impact on Birmingham (funded by Living Memories Commonwealth War Graves Commision).  We have also  been developing a learning resource for schools interested in visiting Lodge Hill Cemetery to look at the stories of soldiers buried there:

Uncovering Birmingham WW1 history with Paganel School

23 Sept 2014: Dr Nicola Gauld writes: Paganel Primary School is unique in that it has its own archive and its Year 6 pupils are well versed in research, collecting evidence and making connections between events in history. The warfare project which took place in June made great use of these skills. The school is situated close to Lodge Hill Cemetery

In Soldiers Footsteps: Commemorating WW1 and the Somme

23 Nov 2016: Robyn O'Halloran writes: Often individual stories, especially in regards to the First World War, are lost when commemorating a big and significant part of history. The workshop I created for the Year 5 children at Paganel school was aimed at highlighting the individuals involved worldwide in the war and extracting their individual stories, not only of their experiences of war but their families, who were left behind.

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